Over time it is easy for an electrical installation to wear and deteriorate. This is normal and comes as a result of use and age. It is
important that regular inspections and tests are carried out to ensure that all electrics are in full and safe working order. Whether you work
in the leisure industry or own a commercial building, it is important to take care of your electrics.

Here at Hurst Electrical Group (HEG) we carry out period electrical inspections and testing across the North West. If you would like any
further details about electrical testing safety periods, please feel free to call us on 01524 791634
 or fill in our contact form.

Routine Check Periods

To make sure that an electrical installation is safe to use, it is recommended that testing is carried out. A variety of routine checks
are set based on different aspects including the type, use and operation of an installation, frequency and quality of maintenance, as well as external influences.


  • Rented Flats and Houses: 1 year
  • Educational Establishments: 6 months
  • Industrial and Commercial: 1 year
  • Offices: 1 year
  • Hospitals and Medical Clinics (general areas): 1 year
  • Cinemas and Theatres: 1 year
  • Hotels and Restaurants: 1 year
  • Hospital and Medical Clinics (medical areas): 6 months
  • Agricultural: 1 year
  • Swimming Pools: 4 months
  • Caravans: 1 year
  • Fish Farms and Marinas: 4 months
  • Caravan Parks: 6 months
  • Construction Site Installations: 3 months
  • Public Houses: 1 year

To add to this, maximum periods also apply between an inspection and testing.


All electrics in any property in the UK must meet the standards outlined by the British Standards (BS 7671 – Requirements for Electrical Installations).

During an inspection, several aspects are taken into consideration. These include:

Finding any potential fire hazards or electric shock risks
Highlighting lack of bonding or earthing
Recognise any overloading of electrical equipment or circuits
Identify defective electrical work

Furthermore, testing can also be carried out on fixed and wired electrical equipment to ensure that it is safe to continue using. If your systems pass,
then you will be provided with a EICR (Electrical Condition Report).

If you would like more details about electrical safety testing periods, please call our team today on 01524 791634.


To arrange for static caravan electrical tests in the North West, call us today or fill in our contact form opposite.

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